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 8 November 2021

Interview with Jesper Hastrup Svendsen (REGIONH)

15 October 2021
EHRA Webinar

12 October 2021

Press release (8th AFNET/EHRA Consensus Conference)

1 October 2021

8th AFNET/EHRA Consensus Conference

22 September 2021
AFFECT-EU newsletter

21 September 2021
Progress update after 18 months

14 September 2021
Interview Daniel Engler (UKE)

27 August 2021
AFFECT-EU Poster at ESC Congress 2021

02 June 2021
ESC Heart & Stroke 2021

25 April 2021
ESC Press Release on AFFECT-EU
'Screening for most common heart rhythm disorder does not occur in Europe'

24 March 2021
ESC at EHRA 2021

20 April 2020
ESC Press Release on AFFECT-EU
'EU funds projects on heart rhythm disorders and sudden cardiac death'

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